Where are you from?


What’s your favorite tech product?

“Computers are my favorite tech products. The possibilities are endless with them! You can play games, create content, reach out to people, and all information about almost anything is at your fingertips.”

What are your hobbies outside Enjoy?

“I enjoy playing sports, reading, and being sarcastic.”

What is your super power?

“Common Sense”

What’s your favorite emoji?


What was your first tech product?

“Nintendo NES”

Any fun facts about you?

“I wish I lived in a remote island, enjoy documentaries, can live off fruits and pizzahut breadsticks, and I’m currently Studying Finance/International Business”

What Customers are saying about Gil:

Gil instantly understood that I like to actually do it myself. So instead of installing he actually guided me though the process and answered all my questions!”

– Cristiane, Miami

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