Where are you from?

“Cuban blood but Miami is my home”

What’s your favorite tech product?

“Definitely my iPhone. It brings entertainment, organization, staying close to friends and family (and SO much more) all into one . Only tech product I need.”

What are your hobbies outside Enjoy?

“Skating, biking, and always finding new things to do (like learning how to fly trapeze and doing spartan runs).”

What is your super power?

“I can unconsciously make any situation extremely awkward.”

What’s your favorite emoji?


What was your first tech product?

“A red Game Boy Advanced SP”

Any fun facts about you?

“I worked for the Department of State in Azerbaijan for 2 months.”

What Customers are saying about Melisa:

“Melisa was extremely clear and helped me thoroughly through the entire process. She took the trouble out of having to go to a store to purchase an upgrade and catered to me in the convenience of my own home.”

– Miralys, Miami

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