What’s your favorite tech product?

“My favorite tech product is SONOS. The product is amazing! I never have to connect my speaker to my phone using Bluetooth or worry about pairing someone else’s device to it. I am able to listen to all of my music from all sources without having to work for it. It’s just that simple.”

What are your hobbies outside Enjoy?

“Volleyball is my biggest passion outside of Enjoy. I also enjoy exercise and gaming.”

What is your super power?

“My super power is always being the loudest person in the room. Rarely does it help me.”

What’s your favorite emoji?


What was your first tech product?

“The first tech product, that I remember receiving, was a Super Nintendo. It was a hand me down from my brother. I was absolutely obsessed with Super Mario Bros.”

Any fun facts about you?

“I was born with and still have webbed toes.”

What Customers are saying about David:

“David made the whole experience! There were a couple of challenges along the way, (my fault) that did not phase him. He was committed to getting me up and running. He played with my kids and my 2-year old son absolutely adored him. He made the whole experience seem more like a buddy coming over to help me out rather than a technician setting up a phone. If I ever want to purchase a product that Enjoy sells, you’d better believe that I will be buying it through Enjoy!”

– Enjoyer, John for iPhone 7

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