What’s your favorite tech product?

“Love my iPhone, but I’d say the drones are my favorite. So crazy that you can use the “force” to not only control the new DJI Spark, but launch and land from your hand!”

What are your hobbies outside Enjoy?

“Motorcycling, Gym, Poker Nights with Friends, Eating Dessert”

What is your super power?

“I’m the kind of guy that sees iPhone headphones tangled up and wants to untangle it for you. Pretty good at puzzles”

What’s your favorite emoji?


What was your first tech product?

“An SNES, SNES, GAMEBOY, GAMEGEAR, Old computer with those HUGE floppy disks”

Any fun facts about you?

“I have a twin sister”

What Customers are saying about Michael:

“Michael was very nice and he answered all our questions. He also has a very approachable and good sense of humor. He was also very patient!”

– Enjoyer, Beatrice for iPhone

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