Meet Memphis Expert, Kayla

Hi! I’m Kayla, an Enjoy Expert in Memphis. When you order online with one of Enjoy’s partners, I’ll hand deliver your product and bring the best of the store to wherever you choose! In our visit, I’ll help you get set up with your new product from the get-go!

What's one word you'd use to describe your personality?

Bubbly! Energetic! Cheery!

What was your first tech product?

Nintendo 64

What is your favorite Emoji?

Let’s dance!

What is your superpower?

Time Travel

What is one Fun Fact about you?

Every morning, I have a car karaoke session. Bright, early, and in rush hour traffic, turn on the tunes and straight jam out-live concert style!

What is one country you want to travel to?

South Africa

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