Eric B of Los Angeles had been flying a smaller, out of date drone and was researching the DJI product line. Realizing he could buy a Mavic and get free flight training with Enjoy, he ordered. He shares his experience receiving his new Mavic Pro from Enjoy Expert, Xander.

How was your experience meeting Xander?

“The experience was simply amazing, I feel totally in control of my drone, and I could not be more satisfied with the excellent service!  Xander was an absolute GEM!!!  So very competent, willing, and able to clearly communicate what I needed to do to make flying the drone an easy and fun experience.  I could not be more satisfied with Enjoy, and I plan to use you every chance I get!”


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How was the experience receiving your new drone?

“It was all utterly amazing. We unpacked it together and he made sure I knew what everything was for and answered all of my questions. The Mavic was new to me, so I learned quite a bit. I had a different drone before, so this was an eye opening experience.”

How did you hear about Enjoy?

“I found out about Enjoy from DJI, and the fact that your service was included with the drone, pushed me to buy it.  I am overly satisfied with Enjoy, and love the concept, and service.  It felt like Xander was an old friend, just helping me to fully understand something I knew very little about. I did not feel stupid asking any questions at all.  This kind of personal service is so rare, and I have been telling all of my friends about it ever since.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself

“I am a small business owner, in Web Development and Web Hosting!  We pride ourselves on very great customer service, so I sincerely appreciate this kind of service that Enjoy is offering.  I have been in this business for nearly 20 years now, and I will say… I have seen many companies come and go, but the ones that are like yours, STAY!  You are helping to set a new standard in service, and I admire your company for that!  KEEP IT UP!!!”

You’ve heard from Eric, now meet his awesome Enjoy Expert, Xander.

Thanks Eric for sharing your experience. And if you’d like to share your experience with Enjoy and our amazing Experts, click or tap here to let us know.

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