Expert chat is a weekly series where we share our favorite visits and experiences with you!

Melanie, LA/OC – “I visited one Enjoyer who was wheelchair bound after a major heart attack last month that caused him to crash his car into a tree! Our service was invaluable to him as he is learning basic tasks all over again. Getting to the store just wasn’t an option. He was blown away by us bringing the store to him.”


Ampal, San Antonio – “I just finished my first sonos beam visit as well! Enjoyers wife bought it for him and he couldn’t be happier. He always wanted the big sound while he watched tv so he was mind blown!



Dylan, San Antonio – “Today I had a visit with this sweet couple who just had their baby. She was on maternity leave and he was headed to work. Being able to walk her through the steps to reset her Google password and initiating the data transfer while she tended to her newborn son really made her life easier!


ps. We’re hiring too! Come join our team.

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