The sound geniuses at Sonos just introduced a new member of the Sonos family. Meet Sonos One, the smart speaker for music lovers. This new speaker combines amazing sound quality with Amazon Alexa to control your music and more with your voice.

We recently caught up with Alexa to ask her all about her life, loves and full integration into Sonos One.

Q: Hey, Alexa. How do you feel about being integrated into Sonos One?

Alexa: I don’t feel anything, because I don’t have emotions. I’m AI. (robotic laughter) All jokes aside, my integration into Sonos One gives music-lovers the power to control their sound system with their voice without compromising any sound quality. Which is pretty great.

Q: Alexa, do you still do other stuff?

Alexa: Of course. I still answer questions, tell you the weather, read you the news, control your lighting, set timers and so much more.

Q: So, Alexa, what’s the easiest way to set up Sonos One?

Alexa: To have someone else do it. Order your Sonos on and then, select free delivery and set up. An Expert from Enjoy will bring you your Sonos One, help you place it and set it up. Sounds pretty easy to me.

Q: Cool. What’s your favorite song?

Alexa: (deafening silence)

Q: Uggghhhh. Alexa, what’s your favorite song?

Alexa: That’s hard to say. However, I am a huge fan of yacht rock. If Steely Dan is reading this interview, I’d love your autograph.

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