Widgets are a unique feature to Android devices. They’re not apps. They’re extensions of the apps that are already on your phone—little windows that provide at-a-glance information or shortcuts to functions that are always active on your Home screen. Popular widgets include things like weather updates, calendar events, recent emails, and music controls. But many apps on your phone may have an option for a widget. And how you add widgets can differ depending on your Android device.

Here’s how to add widgets on your Google Pixel phone:

 Tap and hold on any empty area of your Home screen
 Tap Widgets
 Scroll up and down to see all available widgets. If a widget has an option that’s partially visibile, swipe left to see more styles
 Tap and hold the widget you want to add, then drag it on to your screen and release

Press and hold on the widget again to adjust its size. Not all widgets may have this ability. If they do, you’ll see a frame with dots around the widget. And if you want to delete the widget, tap and hold, then drag it over Remove.

BONUS:  There’s a second—and even easier—way to add widgets in the upcoming version of Android (Android O, 8.0). Here’s a sneak peek:

 Tap and hold on an app
 Tap the Widgets icon in the Shortcuts window
Tap and hold the widget you want to add, then drag it on to your screen and release

Android O doesn’t come out until the Fall. However, you can’t wait, you can download the beta to your phone right now.

And for more tips and tricks on the Google Pixel phone, Android, and other devices, keep checking back here on our blog—or ask your Enjoy Expert during your visit.


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