Apple just announced a free update to its tvOS for the fourth-generation Apple TV that brings some awesome new features. Let’s take a look at some of the new ways you can interact with your Apple TV.

First, make sure you’re running tvOS 9.2.

To check what OS you’re running: go to the Settings app, select General, then select About.  Look for tvOS followed by the version number (for example: 9.1.).

tvOS 9.2 screenshots_1

To update: go to the Settings app, select System, then Software Updates and click on Update Software.

tvOS 9.2 screenshots_2

Now you’re ready, so let’s get started.

App folders

The introduction of the App Store on the Apple TV means you can download lots of different apps—like games, TV channels, shopping, and more—right on your HDTV.  But the more apps you have, the more cluttered your Home screen gets.  With tvOS 9.2 you can organize your apps into category folders, so they’re easier to find.  It works just like your iPhone or iPad.

tvOS 9.2 screenshots_3

To create a folder:

  • Highlight an app by swiping the Touch surface on your Siri Remote.
  • Click and hold down on the Touch surface until the app starts to jiggle, then drag the app over another app you want to group it with.

tvOS 9.2 screenshots_4

After creating a folder, you can name it to match the apps you have, such as Games, Shopping, etc.  And you can see more options—including shortcuts—for moving apps between folders by clicking the Play/Pause button on your Siri Remote.

Siri search the App Store

If you’ve ever downloaded an app from the App Store on your iOS device, you know it can sometimes be hard finding the right one.  Now you can use Siri to search the App Store on your Apple TV—so you don’t have to weed through a ton of categories to find the app you’re looking for.  Just press and hold the Siri button on your remote (it’s the one that looks like a microphone) and say a command, like “Search the App Store for fireplace apps”—then sit back, relax, and enjoy a cozy, digital fire on your TV.

tvOS 9.2 screenshots_5

App switcher interface

If you didn’t know, you can move between apps on the Apple TV just like you can on your iOS device.  Double-click the Home button (it’s the one that looks like a TV) on your Siri Remote to open the multitasking view, swipe between your opened apps, then press down on the Touch surface to go that app. Simple.

tvOS 9.2 screenshots_6

Bluetooth keyboard support

Hooooray, Bluetooth keyboard support is enabled!! With tvOS 9.2 you can connect keyboards wirelessly to your Apple TV for doing things like entering text—like usernames and passwords—more easily or even navigating around apps. No more one-by-one selecting of letters! To connect, open the Settings app and go to Remotes and Devices, then select Bluetooth under Other Devices. Select your keyboard and follow the instructions to pair it.

tvOS 9.2 screenshots_7

Dictation with the Siri Remote

If you don’t want to connect a Bluetooth keyboard, but still want an easy way to input text, tvOS 9.2 now supports Dictation. With Dictation and the Siri Remote, you can dictate text into search fields, as well as use it to speak usernames and passwords by speaking each letter, number, or symbol individually.  This is great if you have short passwords, have trouble using the Siri Remote to input text, or want to find things more easily using natural language in your favorite apps—such as “Cat pushes another cat down the stairs” in YouTube.  Because everyone needs an easier way to watch evil cat videos 😉

tvOS 9.2 screenshots_8

iCloud Photo Library and Live Photos

The new tvOS 9.2 also supports your photos and videos—including your Live Photos—in your iCloud Photo Library.  And it groups the photos and videos you’ve favorited by tapping the heart icon on your iOS device or Mac into a single album—so you don’t have to dig through your entire library to show see your best shots.

The new tvOS 9.2 update brings some other features, as well—including a new way to fast-forward and rewind through videos, an easier way to use Apple TV in conference rooms at work, and more.  You can also see the top new features in the What’s New section in the Settings channel under System.

tvOS 9.2 screenshots_9

If you Enjoyed your AppleTV and need any help, just reach out. Or schedule a follow up visit in your Enjoy Account.

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