“Apple changed gaming forever” – Atli Mar, CEO & Co-founder of Directive Games

Apple is putting AR (augmented reality) in the hands of millions of people. Which sounds cool, but what exactly is AR and how is it different from VR (virtual reality)?

Both AR and VR show us other realities, as if they’re right in front of us, using digital content. Augmented reality does this by overlaying a digital experience over our environment through a camera lens. Virtual reality, on the other hand, fully immerses us in a new world by replacing our environment with a digital version, generally by means of funny-looking goggles and a really powerful computer.

AR is simple and already integrated into a lot of current cameras and smartphones. Shout out to Pokemon Go! All you have to do is interact with your screen when you use AR games and tools. Check out our blog post for more examples of how you’ll be using AR.

VR is more complicated and requires more computer power and hardware. Essentially, you are completely replacing your surroundings with digital ones. This means you need goggles with built-in screens, hand-held controllers and cameras placed in your environment, so you can navigate, click, draw and play games.

And finally, neither of these should be confused with Virtual Insanity, which gets some big ups for being the most high-tech looking low-tech video ever.

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