It’s that time of year again.  Time to go back to school and get your learn on!  And some of our team members at Enjoy wanted to share their favorite apps that will help make getting through your school day—and homework—easier.




Keith, Atlanta Expert

Study Blue

Study Blue is my go to Flashcards app. Aside from being able to share Flashcards with classmates, there’s the ability to quickly see how well you know a deck, create new Flashcards, and study cards you don’t quite know 100%.

Expert tip: use Dictation on iPhone or iPad to quickly create new cards!”

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Imran, SF Bay Area Expert

Pocket Points

Pocket points is awesome because it rewards students for not using their phone during class. It helps keeps you focused in class by giving you an incentive, such as coupons and gift cards to local business, to stay off your phone. I mean who doesn’t like discounts and free stuff.”

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Ellery, Chicago Expert


Evernote is a customizable productivity app with numerous helpful features beyond note taking. And students can take advantage of many of these features for free under the ‘Basic’ version. Record a lecture and save the audio into a note to write down later. Take a picture of your biology professor’s whiteboard diagram and save the image in your bio notebook. Did you forget your laptop today? The basic version of Evernote syncs across two devices for free—so you can access Evernote from your phone. Start the school year off on the right foot this year and use Evernote to get organized.”

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Drew, Chicago Expert

Graphing Calculator

Desmos Graphing Calculator is the best calculator app for college students. Not only can the app do almost all the same things as a standard graphing calculator, it’s also FREE! With most college students being on a tight budget, this is an efficient and cost effective way for students to save a couple hundred dollars on a new graphing calculator.”

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Josh, HQ Designer


“I used to have to write a ton of research papers. And as I finally finished my paper at 4:00am the morning it was due thinking I was in the clear, I forgot one major thing…the Works Cited page!  You know, that page (or three) at the end of your paper where you have to create all the sources you used while writing your essay—and then remembering you have to put those citations throughout your paper, too. Fear not: EasyBib makes it…well…easy, to quickly create comprehensive citations in a variety of formats—influencing APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and more. And it can create citations from nearly 60 sources, like books, film and online videos, or magazine or journal articles. EasyBib even helps you with your paper by giving you resources for things like Topic Ideas and guides for learning how to cite properly. It’s so easy, it almost makes me want to write papers again…almost.”

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What’s your favorite app for school? Let us know at @goenjoy so we can share it with everyone!

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