For the first time, the Home button (the round button beneath your display) on iPhone 7 isn’t really a button—at least, not a button you can press.  Instead, it’s static or solid-state—using Apple’s “Taptic Engine” to deliver various vibrations (a phrase which sounds like a Beach Boys follow-up song) to mimic a press, and “provide more precise and customizable tactile feedback”, according to Apple.

But what if that buzz doesn’t feel right to you?  Luckily, you can adjust it.  Here’s how:

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From your Home screen, tap the Settings app, tap General, then tap Home Button.  From here, you can select the strength of the feedback you feel when you press the Home button.  Selecting 1 gives the lightest amount of feedback.  Selecting 3 gives you the most feedback.  But if those are too hard or too light, selecting 2 might be just right. It’s like you’re Goldilocks without the fear of bears.  When you find the one you like, just tap Done in the top, right hand corner of your display.

If you want to learn how to get more out of your iPhone 7, check out our other iOS 10 tips!

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