Ah, the navigation bar: the space on the bottom of Android devices with three buttons that help you go back, go home, quickly switch between apps, and more. It wouldn’t seem like something to get irritated about, but a typical argument between Android and Samsung users has been the order placement (or misplacement, depending on who you’re talking to) of these buttons. In the past, Samsung has arranged these buttons in a reversed order compared to other Android devices—with the Back button located on the right of the phone instead of on the left. While Samsung users are used to this layout, Android users aren’t too fond of it. But Android lovers looking to get the Samsung Galaxy S8 can finally rejoice!

For the first time on a Galaxy device, the nav bar is virtual—and users can easily change the button order to match other Android devices. Here’s how:

  Swipe down from the top of the screen and Tap Settings in the top, right corner of the display
  Tap Display
  Tap Navigation Bar
  Tap Button layout
and select Back – Home – Recents

After the change, you should see the buttons along the bottom of your screen reversed (or rather, the correct way).

And while you’re here, you can also adjust the Home button sensitivity, the background color of the nav bar, and more.

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