Collaboration is a super useful way to have everyone working in the same place on something without having to have multiple, multiple (…mullllllltiple) copies.  And the only way to really do that on Apple devices has been making sure everyone has the same third-party app, like Evernote.  But what if you’re not doing work-related things, and you just want an easy way to share things like shopping lists, to-dos, and more without having to download extra apps?

A great feature in iOS 10 is the ability to collaborate in the Notes app that’s already on your iPhone.  Here’s how it works:


Tap the Add People button near the top, right-hand corner of your screen—then choose the app you want to use to send the invite.  If you don’t see the app you’d like to use, swipe left until you see the More option (•••)—then tap it.  This brings up the Activities window where you can choose which apps to send your collaborate links.  You can also organize the order in which you see them.  Just touch and hold IL_Grabber.png, then drag the app in the order you want.

You can collaborate in Notes across iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 10; on the web on, and even on your Mac.

And Notes isn’t the only Apple app you can use to collaborate.  You can use also use Apple’s iWork suite (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote), too, across your Apple devices—but it works a bit differently than Notes does on your iPhone.  On your iPhone, tap ••• in the top, right-hand corner, then select Collaborate With Others.

iOS notes collab_pages_3.png

The collaborate feature for iWork is currently in beta, so it may require some patience on your end.  And with all of these, you need to be signed into an iCloud account—as do the people you share it with.

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