Enjoy Expert Melanie headed to downtown LA to see Sophia Amoruso, Nasty Gal’s founder and owner and New York Best Selling Author, to deliver a Canon M3 and show her how Enjoy is the perfect service for any busy #GIRLBOSS. We got the opportunity to document the Visit and shoot our own photography at the Nasty Gal HQ, while helping Sophia learn how use to her new camera…so meta, right?

Sophia Amoruso founder of Nasty Gal gets a visit from Enjoy Expert Melanie and to learn how to use her new Canon M3
Enjoy Expert, Melanie visits Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal and original #GIRLBOSS.

Sophia’s passion for photography can be seen throughout the distinct editorial style that is part of the Nasty Gal brand, which made this Visit extra special as Melanie was able to show her how powerful the Canon M3 can be. During their time together, Melanie covered just a few of the features:

1: Wi-Fi image transfer. The camera can transfer directly to your smartphone. So no more waiting to get home to the computer to upload.

2: Touchscreen auto-focus. You can touch anywhere on the Canon touchscreen and the camera will focus on that spot.

3: Flip screen. AKA selfie mode. The M3 screen flips all the way around, so its perfect for anything you need to do direct to camera.

4: In-camera filtering. If you know the look you want and don’t want to deal with post-process filtering, you can set up your own personal set of filters. No Valencia needed 😉


Sophia Amoruso gets help learning how to use her new Canon M3 camera from Enjoy Expert
Melanie shows Sophia tips and tricks for her using her new Canon M3.


Are you ready to take your photography to the next level?

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