There’s many things that make Android standout from iOS on iPhone.  But one of the biggest is the ability to add a second user on your Android phone.  So for all you parents out there who give your phone to your kids, but secretly fear they’ll mess around and do something like lose your progress in a game, download $1,000 worth of apps, delete your emails—or worse, respond to one—adding a second user might be just the thing to keep you sane and the stuff on your phone, safe.  And best of all, it’s easy.

Here’s how:

Pixel_add second user_1.png

Pixel_add second user_2.png

Pixel_add second user_3.png

To switch users, swipe down twice on the Notifications shade, tap the user icon, then select the user.

Pixel_switch user.png

And, if you finally decided to break down and get that other person a phone of their own—or you’re just tired of sharing your phone—you can easily remove a user.  Go back to Users in Settings, tap the gear to the right of the user, then tap Remove User.

Pixel_add second user_remove.png

This feature isn’t limited to just Google Pixel.  It works with many Android devices (phones and tablets) running Android 4.2, Jelly Bean.

To discover more about how to use your new Google Pixel phone and Android, check out our other tips.  Or, if iPhone is more your thing (but landed here because you were curious), you can also check out our iOS 10 Tips on our blog.


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