Battery life is one of the biggest concerns of pretty much every smartphone owner.  How long will it last?  How much do I have left?  Why doesn’t that battery icon tell me anything?!  If you need something more than just a line to tell you how much battery you have left,  you’re in luck (I mean, if you couldn’t do anything, there’d really be no point to this post, right?).  It’s not as easy as on iPhone, but it’s possible—and not as hard as you may think.  It’ll take going into a menu you’re probably unfamiliar with, but don’t worry…we’ll make this easy.

Show battery percentage_step 1.png

Show battery percentage_step 2.png

Show battery percentage_step 3.png

You should now see three options: Always show percentage, Show percentage when charging, and Don’t show this icon. Tap Always show percentage to keep the percentage amount visible on the icon at all times.  If for some reason you don’t want to show the battery icon at all, tap Don’t show this icon.

Show battery percentage_images_6 copy.png

If for whatever reason you don’t want to have the System UI Tuner feature available, simply tap and hold the Settings icon from the Notifications shade again until you feel the small vibration, then let go—and you’ll see an alert prompting you to remove this feature.  Then, just tap Remove.

To discover more about how to use your new Google Pixel phone and Android, check out our other tips.  Or, if iPhone is more your thing (but landed here because you were curious), you can also check out our iOS 10 Tips on our blog.

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