If you’ve had an Android phone, you already know that getting support—asking a question on how something works, fixing something that seems off, etc.—wasn’t always the best experience.  Many times it meant being bounced around between your carrier, Google, and the manufacturer of the device, itself (Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc.)—rarely getting an easy resolution, if you got a resolution, at all.

Google looks to change that by offering all Pixel owners built-in phone or chat support…for free!  And the support is available 24 hours a day.

Here’s how you can use it:

Open Settings, either by swiping up on your screen, then tapping Settings, or by swiping down on your screen, then tapping the white gear in the top, right corner.  In Settings, tap Support—the tab directly to the right of All.

Pixel tips_Support.png

Tap phone if you’d like to get a call back from Google support (in my experience, it’s been nearly instant).  Your phone number will automatically appear, but you can change it if you’d like them to call you on a different phone.  And you can describe the issue in the provided space, if you wish.

If you’d prefer not to talk, you can always have a live chat.  The gmail account you’ve set as the main account for your Pixel will automatically appear, and again, you can describe your issue.  Then, you’ll either immediately be chatting with a support agent, or you may get placed in a queue.  Luckily, the queues don’t seem to take too long—and you can keep doing things on your phone while you wait without losing your place in line.  When the agent is ready to chat, you’ll get a notification.  Tap it, and you’ll be taken right to the chat.


To discover more about how to use your new Google Pixel phone and Android, check out our other tips.  Or, if iPhone is more your thing (but landed here because you were curious), you can also check out our iOS 10 Tips on our blog.


One Comment to “Google Pixel Tips: How to get support”

  • I just received my new Google Pixel XL in the mail today! I am so excited to get it up and running. But I was wondering if it was suppose to come with its on Sim card? I am switching from my Galaxy S4 to my new Pixel, I assumed that Sim card would just transfer into my Pixel but it doesn’t fit and they both are Androids! I’ve watched on UTube but it shows thier New Pixels coming with new Sim cards! I am on straight talk and that’s the plan I want to keep! Please help!

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