VW’s Microbus is actually happening!

Credit: Volkswagen

Many didn’t think the Microbus would make it beyond a concept drawing, but VW’s announcement last weekend finally brought the teasing to an end. It will be fully electric, a welcome sign for the modern hippies.

Madison – Full Stack Engineer, HQ


Samsung announced Galaxy Note8 with first-ever dual OIS camera in a smartphone (and other pretty cool features)

At the Samsung Unpacked event in NYC, Samsung announced their new Note8 phone. While the presenters were awkward, as always, the phone looks pretty incredible. With two rear 12MP cameras, both with Optical Image Stabilization; 6.3-inch display; an App Pair feature—which launches two apps you choose in split-screen automatically—and more, the Note8 looks to set the world on fire!  I mean, not literally… that didn’t work out too well last time.

Joshua Carpentier – Writer/Editor and Brand Designer, HQ


Watch more than 1,000 robots dance their way to a world record

Robots dancing are way better than them creating their own language and plotting world domination! Jam on robots… jam on.

Dan “Scoop” Dolce – Expert, San Antonio


Apple reportedly planning to charge $999 (or more) for the new iPhone 8? 

Credit: MacRumors

An iPhone that’s as much as a MacBook Air?

T.J. Banner – Expert, Seattle


The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion coming this November!

The expansion pack’s numerous ”simmers” have been waiting for is finally here! In November!

Lauren Eckhardt – Expert, Austin


International Space Station photobombs the solar eclipse

Credit: NASA

Photo’s from NASA show the transit of the ISS during the 2017 Solar Eclipse. This just may the biggest photo bomb of 2017!

Cameron Spivey – Expert, Dallas


Tesla launches ‘Tiny House’ tour promoting energy tech

Credit: Tesla

I heard that Tesla was working towards more sustainable energy towards homes. It’s cool to see that they are starting to launch models of what they want to do on a larger scale.

Imran Zaman – Expert, turned Field Ops Associate

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