Apple’s newest operating system for iPhone—iOS 11—is here. And it introduces some fantastic new features. It also leaves behind some older computing architecture (32-bit) that can cause some of your favorite apps to stop working. Obviously, if you upgrade to iOS 11 first, you’ll quickly discover which apps won’t work, because they won’t open. But at that point, it’s too late. So here’s how to check if you have any apps that won’t work with iOS 11 BEFORE you upgrade—and what, if anything, you can do to ensure you can keep using them:

 Tap the Settings app
 Tap General
 Tap About
 Tap Applications

If you don’t have an arrow or chevron next to Applications, it means all the apps on your iPhone will work with iOS 11—so you don’t need to do anything.

If you do have that arrow, tap on Applications to see which apps need to be updated. If an app you use is under No Updates Available, it means they will not work with iOS 11 until the developer provides an update. And depending on how old the app you’re using is, it’s possible it’ll never get updated. And if that’s the case, while it can be hard to say goodbye (according to Boyz-to-Men), fret not. Because even though you’re probably fond of that old app, chances are, several newer options could work even better for you. And with the new way Apple has organized the App Store, it’s easier than ever to find that great, newer app.

Featured Image Credit: MacRumors

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