The camera in your iPhone can do more than just take pictures.  You can also use it as a magnifier.  So it’s easier to do things like reading small text in a newspaper, or getting a closer look at that spider crawling up your leg (you know, instead of running away from it).

First, you need to turn on the feature.  Here’s how:

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Accessibility > Magnifier, then turn on Magnifier.  Now that you’ve turned on the feature, quickly press the Home button (the round button below the display on your iPhone) three times.  This brings up the Accessibility Shortcuts window. Now, just tap Magnifier and use the slider to zoom in and out.

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If you want to add more light, tap the Flashlight button to use the camera flash as a flashlight.

Tapping the Focus Lock button will lock the focus.  So if you’re moving back and forth to do things like read long text, your iPhone won’t constantly refocus.

And, if you have a particularly shaky hand and want to see an image without moving, tap  the Freeze Frame button to take a freeze frame.  This only freezes the image on your screen—it doesn’t take a photo and won’t save anything to your Photos app.  Tap the Freeze Frame button again to unfreeze and go back to a live image.

You can also change things like filters, colors, brightness, and contrast.  So if you have issues seeing certain colors, adjusting these can help you find what’ll work best for you.

Tap the Filters button to apply different color filters.  You can adjust the brightness and contrast of the filter by dragging the sliders below the filter.  And to invert the colors of the filter, tap  the Invert Filters button

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To learn more about the things you can do with iOS 10 on your iPhone, check out our other tips below!

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