You may know the camera flash on your iPhone could be used as a flashlight (and if you didn’t, hey, you’ll learn two new things here).  But did you know that with iOS 10 and 3D Touch built into iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s models, you can adjust the brightness level of the flashlight?

Here’s how:

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• Swipe up from the bottom of your Home screen to bring up Control Center
• Tap and press down on the Flashlight button—this activates the Quick Actions Menu
• Then choose which level of brightness you need: low light, medium, or bright

The Quick Actions Menu is part of 3D Touch.  If you’re pressing but can’t seem to get the menu to appear, take a deep breath… it’s OK.  You can adjust the sensitivity of how hard or light you press to something that works for you.

Here’s how:

[wpvideo JdaUQyGL w=300 h=534 autoplay=true loop=true]

• Tap the Settings app
• Tap General
• Tap Accessibility
• Tap 3D Touch

The firmer you adjust the sensitivity, the harder you’ll have to press to activate 3D Touch and bring up Quick Actions Menus (you actually learned three things!)

To learn how to do more on your iPhone 7, check out our other iOS 10 tips below!

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