Did you know iCloud isn’t the only place you can sync all the contacts on your iPhone or iPad? You can also sync them to Google! While syncing them in multiple places may seem like overkill, it’s quite useful for a few reasons:

• If you can’t access your iCloud but need a phone number
• Want to use a feature on another device that doesn’t have access to your iCloud, like phone calls on Google Home
• Or are switching to an Android device and want to make your transition even easier

So if any of these apply to you, or you just want the peace of mind of having a second back-up of your contacts, here’s how to sync them to Google from your iPhone or iPad:

 Tap the Settings app
 Scroll down and find Contacts (it’s right below Mail), then tap Contacts
 Tap Accounts
 Select the Google account you’d like to sync your contacts to, then turn on Contacts.

If you don’t have a Google account on your device, you can tap Add Account on the Accounts screen and sign-in to your Google account and sync your contacts from there.

Once you’ve synced your contacts, you can see, edit, and manage them at google.com/contacts. If you add, change, or delete a contact from your iPhone or iPad, it will also delete the contact from your Google account. But deleting a contact from your Google account may not delete it from your iPhone since your contacts are also syncing with iCloud.

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