iMessage is one of the most used apps for sending messages.  And with iOS 10, it’s greatly evolved into a messaging powerhouse with several different ways to communicate with your friends and family.  One of those ways, brings back the old-fashioned idea of a handwritten note—so you can send that message with a bit more of a personal touch.

Here’s how to do it:

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Before you type a message, turn your phone sideways (known as landscape orientation), then tap the Hide Keyboard button in the bottom right-hand corner of the keyboard.  This brings up the handwriting screen.

You can choose from one of the pre-populated options below.  Or, if you want to send your own message, just start writing with your finger.  You can scroll sideways on the screen to write a longer message.  And when you’re ready to send, tap Done, then tap the Send button to send.  If you suddenly cringe in horror over the way it looks, tap the Remove App button to cancel it.

Each message you create is saved automatically below the handwriting screen.  If at any time you feel your past handiwork no longer represents your current artistic vision, you can easily delete by touching and holding on a message to make it jiggle in fear, then tap the Remove App button—the same way you’d delete an app.

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