Widgets aren’t quite apps. They’re extensions of the apps that are already on your phone—little windows that provide at-a-glance information or shortcuts to quickly do things without having to open an app. When people think of widgets on a phone, they usually think of Android devices. But did you know you can get widgets on your iPhone, too?

Here are the three ways you can see Widgets on your iPhone

Viewing Widgets

Widgets are located in the Today View.

 From the Home screen, swipe towards the right. If you have multiple Home screens, you may have to swipe right multiple times.
 From any screen, swipe down to access Notification Center, then swipe towards the right.
 And from the Lock screen, swipe towards the right. If your iPhone is asleep, click the Power button or Home button to wake your device, then swipe right.

You can also add Widgets from your Home screen with 3D Touch on iPhone 6s or later. Press deeply on an app to reveal the Quick Actions menu, then tap Add Widget. This doesn’t work with all apps. So if the Add Widget option doesn’t appear in the pop-up window, then the developer hasn’t included it in that app.

Adding, Deleting, and Managing Widgets

You can also easily add, delete, and manage your Widgets, too.

• In the Today View, swipe down to the bottom of the screen, then tap Edit.
• To add a Widget, tap . To remove a Widget, tap . Removing a Widget won’t delete your app.
• To reorder your Widgets, tap and hold  next to the app, then drag it up or down.

For more tips and tricks on iPhone and iOS 10 (and other devices), keep checking back here on our blog—or ask your Enjoy Expert during your visit.

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