OK, so this isn’t really a new thing to iOS 10.  It was originally part of iOS 9.  But I find a lot of people still aren’t aware of this feature, so consider this a bonus tip!

If you type a lot on your phone, chances are you make mistakes.  And going back to correct those mistakes (tapping in an area and hoping your cursor lands there) can… well, force you to take a very deep breath.

Luckily, there’s an easier way!  And it uses the power of 3D Touch on iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s models.

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In any app where you use your keyboard, press down and hold on any of the white keys until the keyboard area turns light gray.  Now, drag your finger around to move the cursor. This is really useful if you need to edit long pieces of text, like emails or notes—or editing a website address in the address bar in your web browsing app, like Safari or Chrome.  But easily moving the cursor isn’t the only thing you can do with this feature.  You can also use the trackpad to more easily highlight words or entire sections of text.

[wpvideo yop3eCzf w=300 h=534 autoplay=true loop=true]


Without lifting your finger from the trackpad, press deeper to highlight a word.  Drag your finger across to highlight more text, like a sentence—or just press twice to automatically select an entire sentence.  And press three times to automatically highlight an entire paragraph.

To learn more about iOS 10 and iPhone 7, check out our other tips!


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