Widgets technically aren’t new to iOS 10.  They were introduced last year in iOS 9.  What IS new in iOS 10 is how you interact with them.

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Widgets live in the Today View: a place where you can get information from some of your favorite apps, at a glance—so you don’t have to fully open them.  To get to your widgets, swipe right from the left edge of your Home screen or Lock screen.  And to see more information in a widget—like more news stories, hourly weather forecast, and more—tap Show More in the top, right of the widget.  To go back to the original view, tap Show Less.

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To add more widgets, scroll to the bottom of your Today View and tap Edit.  All apps on your iPhone that have an available widget are found here.  You can add more widgets to your view by tapping the green + button, or remove widgets by tapping the red – button.  And to arrange the order of your widgets, tap IL_Grabber.png on any widget, then drag it to a new position.

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 To learn how to get more out of your iPhone 7, check out our other iOS 10 tips!

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