You may or may not know, but our favorite motorized longboard was recently the subject of some new legislation that effects Californians. California lawmakers have put down some rules and guidelines to help keep Boosted riders safe.  No need to get upset, these laws actually make riding electric board’s LEGAL. It reverses the previously held ban. The full bill can be found here: Assembly Bill No. 604, CHAPTER 777, but if reading bland governmental legislation isn’t your cup of tea, we here at Enjoy have boiled it down to 3 major bullet points. Also, we made a quick video.

  1. Wear a helmet. Honestly people, this is a no brainer (which is what needs protection). Regardless of age, any person operating an electronic skateboard needs to wear a helmet. Take it from somebody who has ate it,  hard, a few times on city streets, a helmet is quite literally a lifesaver.
  2. Riders must be at least 16 years of age. I am sorry to say kiddos, but to ride an electric skateboard on any public property (roads, sidewalks, parks, etc.) the operator must be at least 16. If you are under 16, maybe grab a regular longboard to get acquainted before your electric one (that’s what I did). However, the government cannot enforce what is ridden on private property, just as a heads up.
  3. Don’t drink and skate. It would be embarrassing to say that you got a DUI on a skateboard. Just like with cars and bikes, you are not able to ride electric skateboards under the influence of alcohol. Besides, to ride effectively, you should be fully aware of your surroundings, which can be difficult when vision and/or balance is impaired.

Those are the major bullet points for the new laws. If you want to know the full details, go ahead and give the bill a read. We here at Enjoy want to keep everybody fully informed and riding safely. Ride on.

Stewart Tomassian
Enjoy Expert

2 Comments to “3 Laws about your Boosted Board”

  • Right on I agree with all 3 laws Stewart. If people don’t follow them they will show with battle wounds for sure!

  • Where can I buy the original boosted brand helmet the black and orange with the boosted name on it?

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