X marks the sweet spot for the 10th anniversary iPhone. Here are the top 10 things we discovered about iPhone X after playing with it for a few days.

I. You get an exclusive ringtone.

Not only do you get to use your face to control an emoji, but you also get an exclusive ringtone that your friends, who jumped the gun and got iPhone 8, do not get. The ringtone is called ‘Reflection’ and is the default for all iPhone X setups. Fun fact: the default ringtone for all iPhones since iOS has been ‘Opening’, which is still available in your ringtones on iPhone X.

II. Another great default: notification previews are hidden.

iPhone X has saved you from the potential (read: inevitable) embarrassment of someone peeping a text message at an inopportune time. All that shows up is a generic notification icon and title.

III. Reach for it.

Awww, yeah! Reachability just got as simple as swiping down from the center of the screen from that handy little bar at the top. All you have to do is enable this feature in your settings.

IV. Face your Face ID fears. Or don’t.

You can use Face ID to unlock everything. No more passwords ever! Or if you aren’t fully onboard with Face ID, you can choose to turn it off for certain features, like Apple Pay, Safari AutoFill and individuals apps. It’s up to you.

V. Attention-aware features.

But maybe you should use Face ID and let go of your fears of some Face/Off situation happening. With Face ID, you can enable attention-aware features, like your screen automatically dimming when you look away from your phone.

VI. Border crossing mode.

Although the chances of your face being stolen are as unlikely as Nic Cage receiving the respect he rightly deserves for classics like Face/Off, you can completely disable Face ID by rapidly pressing the sleep/wake button five times to enable emergency mode. This added security feature means no one can force you to unlock your phone with your face.

VII. Wake up, Siri!

To access your favorite AI personal assistant, you now press and hold the sleep/wake button on the side of the phone.

VIII. Shut it down! But how?

If you’re pressing and holding the sleep/wake button to get Siri, then how do you shut down your iPhone X? Now, pressing the down volume button and sleep/wake button simultaneously will shut off your phone completely. And if you can’t remember that, Apple added a menu under settings that will also do the job.

IX. Another new shortcut.

Taking a screenshot on iPhone X is still easy. Simply give your phone a little squeeze while pressing the up volume and sleep/wake button simultaneously.

X. What about a reboot?

It’s three easy steps to reset your iPhone X. Click volume up, then click volume down and then press hold hold the side button.

Bonus round!

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