>  Slide to Unlock is the all-too-familiar phrase iPhone users have become accustomed to since the original iPhone nearly 10 years ago.  >  Slide to Unlock was so familiar with users, that when the little arrow telling users which way to swipe wasn’t present in iOS 7 beta 1, some people were actually confused.  So much so, the arrow reappeared in a later version—and ultimately was present in the final release of iOS 7 to consumers.

Then, Apple released Touch ID (fingerprint scanner) with iPhone 5s and gave users a new way to unlock their iPhone by simply resting their finger on the Home button.  But even with that new way, the familiar > Slide to Unlock was still there.

Now, in iOS 10, it’s finally gone—replaced with the new phrase “Press home to unlock”.  And this means actually pressing the Home button—which, in itself is odd since it’s not a pressable button (and if that sounds confusing, check out our blog on it here).  And this need to press to unlock has caused a bit of irritation for some (me, included).

And while you can’t bring back Slide to Unlock, luckily, you can change it so you just rest your finger on the Home button to unlock instead of pressing it.

Here’s how:

[wpvideo Dm8sRowG w=300 h=534 autoplay=true loop=true]


Tap the Settings app, then tap General > Accessibility.  In Accessibility, scroll down until you see Home Button, then tap it.  And then turn on Rest Finger to Open.

This is a bit confusing as before you even get in to the Accessibility area, just above is a Home Button area (and is the subject of the blog post mentioned above).  Why this option isn’t here seems odd, but hey, who cares!  At least you can change it so you don’t have to press your Home button!  Huzzah!

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