The countdown to V-Day has officially begun. And whether you look at all those hearts with excitement or trepidation, we’ve pulled together our top five tech suggestions you’ll love for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Bloom That: Nothing says “I love you” like beautiful, boutique flowers. Except for maybe actually just saying “I love you”.
  2. Duolingo: Hey, hopeless romantics. Learn how to say I love you in over 20 different languages with this simple app.
  3. Lovebox: Go the distance with this adorable messaging box. Type your sweet words into the app, and they’re delivered to the box via magic. Or WiFi.
  4. Enjoy’s Spotify playlist: Set the mood with this list of classic slow jams.
  5. DIY pop-up card: This helpful video shows you how to show your love with a fun card.

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