With Mother’s Day on the horizon, the Enjoy team has been sharing parental IT horror stories. A lot of them ending with: “if only Enjoy existed…”

Md_gif_2Now that Enjoy DOES exist, we are offering special Enjoy Visits geared toward helping Mom with the technology she already owns. Is your Mom an epic photographer? We’ll help her get those photos organized and up on Facebook or Instagram in no time. Or maybe Mom’s still new to the smartphone game and needs help navigating all those apps. Our Experts will spend an entire hour being your Mom’s personal IT person. And if you thought you were patient… wait until you meet one of our Experts.

One of our Experts, Chris, helped his Mom migrate to an iPhone from across the country. Imagine what he could do in person?

“My Mom decided to upgrade from a flip phone to an iPhone 5C. I could not be happier for her, however, I was her tech support across the country. Try explaining to someone how to call someone else on a device and interface they have never used before. And my Mom is smart! She’s been in the tech industry for a while, but as a programmer, and this was her first Apple product. But after months of  back-and-forth weekly phone calls and emails, my Mom now knows how to facetime, send photo texts as well as emoji.  Now I sometimes just get an emoji reaction from my Mom for text messages…..Geez, what have I done!?!?!?” – Chris M. Expert NYC


Not only can we help Mom with the tech she already has, but we can hand-deliver and set up something new. We’ve curated some stuff we think Mom will love. Some of our favorites include the iPad mini with its beautiful screen for displaying her latest pictures, the Withings Home Camera for all the new Moms out there who need to keep an eye on the kids, or the Sonos Play:1 to fill her home or office with jams.

Tote2Every Mother’s Day purchase comes with a limited edition tote we’ve designed just for Mom. Pretty sweet.

Our Experts are excited to make your Mom feel special, so check out the Mother’s Day category on Enjoy.com today and tell us what you think @goenjoy!



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