Accidents happen. Even here at Enjoy. Like last week, when someone did spill some coffee on a laptop and hasn’t stopped apologizing for it since. To help you out of this potentially sticky situation, here’s a quick list of tips that we’ve seen work or that have worked for us.

1. Safety first. Unplug your computer.

POWER DOWN IMMEDIATELY! Sorry to yell, you guys, but this is very important.

2. Grab those paper towels.

Or whatever other absorbent thing you have on hand and start gently blotting. Soak up as much excess liquid as you can.

3. Turn it upside down.

Gravity is a cool thing. Not only does It keeps you from floating off into space, but it will also help expel any leftover tea, coffee or other beverage that’s in your keyboard.

4. Take a beat.

Emotions are high. You’re probably freaking out. So, take a moment and walk away from the situation. Not only are you going to calm down, but there are lots of reports of people turning on their laptops days later to find its fully operational. Take our advice and go do a deep-breathing exercise, friend!

5. Get professional help.

No, not like that. Like certified repair technician kind of help. No need to plan your laptop’s Viking funeral just yet! While this last-resort is costly, it could save your computer and what you have saved on it. And it’s worth noting that Enjoy doesn’t offer this kind of repair service, but we are more than happy to point you in the right direction of someone who does.

*Disclaimer: depending on the age of your device, and the kind of liquid you spill, there may be additional steps. Please review your manufacturer’s support websites for preferred recommendations. Enjoy is not responsible for spilled beverages.

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