You’ve set up the perfect playlist. The anticipation to show off your song selections are as intense as waiting to see if Kanye actually shows up to his performance. You’re ready to hit play and quickly realize you haven’t put that same level of rigor into your speaker selection…what do you do?

You read this article for tips on which Sonos speakers are great for your home, of course!

Bing or Beyonce in the Bathroom

Sometimes you just want to relax in a nice bath with your favorite music.  For those times, you’ll want a speaker that can handle a bit of moisture.  And unless you have a bathroom you can easily play hide-and-seek in, chances are you won’t need anything too large. So, a PLAY:1 is perfect. It’s resistant to humidity thanks to its sealed architecture, so you’ll get great sound without worrying about ruining your speaker. It’s also about the same size as a box of tissue so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space.  Just don’t put that speaker in the tub with you.  It’s humidity-resistant, not waterproof.


Flo Rida or Fall Out Boy in the Family Room

Your main room needs a main speaker to get the most from your music—something that fills a room—but doesn’t take up a lot of space.  For a great single-speaker experience, try a PLAY:5.  It can be positioned horizontally to lay on a larger surface like a media center—or vertically for smaller spaces.  It’s powerful enough to fill the entire room, so everyone can enjoy “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand”—even from the other side of the room (well, except maybe your parents).


Lady Gaga or Lethal Weapon in the Living Room

For music and movies coming through your HDTV, we recommend a PLAYBAR. It can be mounted below or above your HDTV—or even lie flat on your media center.  It works with your TV’s remote (or your universal remote), so you don’t have to use a separate remote when controlling sound.  And because it connects to your HDTV using an optical audio cable, you’ll not only get fantastic sound, but you can also connect it to other things you use with your HDTV—like an Apple TV, Roku, PS4, Xbox One, Blu-ray player, and more.  And easy expandability means you can enhance that surround sound experience, well… easily.  You can wirelessly sync two PLAY:1s or PLAY:3s for full 5.1 surround sound.


Drake or Dylan in the Den

For mid-sized rooms like an office, den, garage, or bedroom, you want something that’s functional, doesn’t take up a lot of space, but still delivers great sound.  For this, try a PLAY:1 or PLAY:3.  With the small, vertical footprint of the PLAY:1 and the ability to place the PLAY:3 upright, both easily fit into tight spaces—like in a bookshelf or on a desk.  Or, if you’d prefer, both speakers can be mounted to the wall, so they’re out of your way altogether.  But even with a smaller physical footprint, both deliver fantastic sound.  Or you can try connecting two PLAY:1s or two PLAY:3s together.  In this setup, each speaker acts like a separate left or right audio channel, so you get an even wider stereo experience.


Trueplay tuned to perfection

No matter where you end up using your Sonos speaker, Trueplay ensures it’ll sound perfect in that specific room, and in that specific location!  That’s because Trueplay analyzes your space—and all the stuff in it—to precisely adjust the components of your speaker.  So your speaker not only works best in the space it’s in, but the music you listen to sounds more like the artist intended.  Currently, Trueplay only works with iOS devices (sorry Android users), but Enjoy Experts can help you set it up.  Check out our past blog post on Trueplay and how it works in a Visit.

trueplay image.png

One of the best things about Sonos (you know, outside of making great speakers), is not only that it works with nearly every way you listen to your music, but they continually get better. Out of the box, Sonos works with over 30 music streaming services—including Apple Music, Spotify, and much more. You also have access to 100,000 local and international radio stations, shows, and podcasts with Radio by TuneIn on Sonos.  It supports music you have saved on your computer or external hard drive—and even playlists you’ve created in services like iTunes or Windows Media Player.

And thanks to over-the-air updates using your Wi-Fi, your Sonos speakers continually get new abilities, so you can take advantage of the newest features without having to replace your speakers.

Regardless of which device you personally use, our Enjoy Experts make it easy to get the best sound from your Sonos.  Because we can not only help you set up your new speaker (and yes, using Trueplay), but also help you determine how to make the sound best it can be no matter where you you want the speakers to live. Our Enjoy Experts can connect it to other devices, like your HDTV, stereo system, and more, and even advise you on great solutions as you grow your Sonos experience—all in the same Visit!  To learn more, check out our Sonos page on or chat with an Enjoy Expert by clicking Chat with an Expert in the bottom, right corner of our website.

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