Fun fact: you can get WiFi everywhere in your home.



From that weird alcove behind your bathroom to your backyard tree fort to your foyer. Wait… is it pronounced foy-uhr or foy-ay? Either way, your WiFi will work there.

With 2x better performance than its predecessor, the new 2nd-generation eero Home WiFi System makes sure there are no drop-offs, dead zones, or slow spots. And with the all-new eero Beacon, say goodbye to pesky wires. They simply plug into the wall to expand your network and provide seamless WiFi to any device, anywhere in your home.

Get your eero today with Enjoy in LA, SF, Houston, Dallas, and Miami. Not only will you get free same-day delivery, but one of our super helpful Experts can get you all set up and help connect your devices to your new network. You’ll be streaming your favorite goat yoga videos from your foyer in no time.

And don’t worry. If you don’t have a foyer, your Expert can help you customize your eero system to fit any home size or space.

Let Enjoy Expert John show you what’s inside the box:

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