The newest iPhone is here, and you’re ready to make the big plunge into getting yourself the latest and greatest—or maybe it’s time to get it as a holiday gift for someone. So, before the new phone is hand delivered by an Enjoy Expert, you’ll want to make sure your data is ready to move.

Let’s look at some of those steps:


Have you done a backup? Let me rephrase: do a backup!

First, check your iCloud settings to ensure your latest backup is actually recent, and not from several months ago. You’d be surprised how many people see that backup is on—but their last successful backup was in 2015!


Why didn’t it backup? There could be a few reasons. But it’s usually because your don’t have enough space in your iCloud storage. While you get 5gb of space for free, you probably have other things on your phone that use much more than that—such as all those photos of you eating breakfast you never deleted that are now taking up 20GB of space. Or those fun videos you shared with your friend in iMessage, but never deleted the message thread (yup, those take up space, too).

The easiest solution to this is to upgrade your storage. iCloud offers month-to-month storage plans, and offers reasonably priced options—like 50gb for 0.99¢. Then, once you’ve determined what stuff on your phone is important and what isn’t, you can always downgrade…but let’s be honest, you should probably keep it.


Don’t feel comfortable backing up to the cloud? No worries, you can backup to your Mac or PC. It’s quicker than using iCloud and it’s free…just make sure your computer has enough space, too.  Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes, then connect your iPhone to your computer and sync. Your computer essentially makes a “clone” of your phone using iTunes. So when you plug your new iPhone in to your computer, you can sync that “clone” to make your new iPhone just like your old iPhone…except faster and much better.



Do you know your passwords to every last account you have (using the same password for everything doesn’t count…because you really shouldn’t do that)? Do you have multiple email addresses, like a yahoo, gmail, aol, etc? Go to the internet and try to log on there. If the password you thought isn’t it then you now have the leisure of time to retrieve or reset it before you next phone arrives. HINT: If you have been allowing your iPhone to save passwords when it asks you, those can be seen in Settings —> Safari —> Passwords.

Once you have your passwords, you have to record them somewhere. 2 ways: with a program or on paper. You can search the App Store on your phone for the word ‘Password’ and you will get dozens of choices. Do your friends/family recommend one? How many stars is that program getting in reviews on the App Store. Did you know iOS 9 on an iPhone or iPad let’s you password protect notes? If you even just recorded them there then you have your list going.

How safe is a paper list? Safer then a post it note full of these passwords attached to your personal computer. Make a list somewhere and include 4 things for each log in:

  1. Site
  2. Username
  3. Password
  4. Date you last changed it/checked it

Here is how it might look if you follow that pattern:

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-6-17-48-amSee how the S in the password is underlined? Underline the capital letter that so many sites are asking you to include in your passwords so you can easily identify it.

What to do when you have to change the password? Simply make a new entry and cross out the old.

The most important password you will need to know is your AppleID. If you have ever bought a song or an App or used iCloud on your iPhone, you will need to know this password. Check this one at Without it, your iCloud backup will be useless and restoring Apps (both free or paid) will be impossible.

With these two large steps completed, you should be able to confidently welcome one of Enjoy’s Experts into your home or work to have a successful upgrade to your new iPhone.

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